Procurement Guidelines for SOEs & Job Classification Frame Work inaugurated

AG Ziyath inaugurates Procurement Guidelines for SOEs & Job Classification Frame Work | Photo: Finance Ministry

Male’, Maldives —The Auditor General of Maldives, Hassan Ziyath has inaugurated the Procurement Guidelines for SOEs & Job Classification Frame Work today.

At the ceremony held on Wednesday afternoon, Auditor General Hassan Ziyath inaugurated the procurement guidelines and job classification framework for State-owned enterprises in the presence of the Finance Minister of Maldives, Ibrahim Ameer.

Minister Ameer spoke at the ceremony and stated that State-owned enterprises is a key pillar to run the State and that majority of the public services are provided through such enterprises. Noting that there are over 30 State-owned enterprises, Minister Ameer stated that each of these enterprises are linked with the direct needs of the citizens.

This is why, it is important for these enterprises to have good procurement guidelines in order to lower the price of their services and improve the quality of their services.

Minister Ameer stated.

Minister Ameer stated that currently, the State-owned enterprises are using their own procurement policies which can result in significant discrepancies between procurement policies leading to corruptive activities at times.

With the procurement policies launched today, all State-owned enterprises will have basic procurement policies they will need to follow.

Minister Ameer stated.

Regarding the job classification framework, Minister Ameer stated that for the time being, it will help improve the efficiency of policies that are related to the employees. He stated that once the enterprises begin implementing the criteria for recruitment and promotion of employees on this framework, the enterprises will treat employees with greater fairness.

Minister Ameer shared the government’s plans and informed that the government does not intend to increase the number of State-owned enterprises but is planning to allow room for enterprises that can be run with high productivity, good service and in a sustainable manner.