World Health Day: Transparency Maldives condemns Covid-19 corruption!

Ventilator corruption in Maldives reduced treatment capacity | Photo:

Malé, Maldives – Transparency Maldives has released a statement on the ocassion of World Health Day condemning the corruptions related to Covid-19 pandemic in the Maldives.

In the statement, Transparency Maldives called on the authorities to investigate the entities related to the Covid-19 corruption, recover the missing money/property and prosecute the perpetrators.

The organization states that the pandemic has surfaced corrupt practices in the Maldives health system. Corruption in procurement of oxygen cylinders and ventilators are prominent cases in the country. Transparency Maldives calls out the authorities debating among themselves costing months of the public not getting justice, recovering the lost money/property and accessing basic healthcare needs.

The ventilators have yet to be procured of the financial issues resolved. while the oxygen cylinders have been embroiled in corruption to this day.

Transparency Maldives called on the government authorities to investigate and resolve five things:

  1. To investigate and recover the property/money missing regarding the ventilator and oxygen tank corruption. To make the investigation transparent and share of the process with the public.
  2. To prepare for impending crisis in light of the Covid-19 pandemic by implementing guidelines and procedures, especially with relation to procurement.
  3. To prosecute perpetrators of corruption.
  4. To act on the government’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” and amend the government policies and guidelines to support Zero Tolerance. To make the amendments public.
  5. During times of disasters/crisis, to govern transparently according to international standards. To publish all contracts signed by the government in one specific location.

Research conducted by Transparency International shows that one of the biggest global challenges to equality in health care is corrupt practices, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The organization notes that the livelihood of the people are greatly impacted by corruption at a time of crisis, affecting the health as well. Transparency Maldives called on the government to ensure basic rights of the people and govern according to democratic standards.