MVR 1.33 billion collected in revenues during March 2021

Taxpayer Service Center of MIRA | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Inland Revenue Authority has said that the authority had collected MVR 1,322,759,401 (USD 85,782,062.34) in March 2021 as revenue.

According to MIRA, this is 19.2 percent higher than the revenue which the state received in March 2020. MIRA stated that TGST and Tourism land rent collection was higher compared to March of last year as resorts had reported higher sales even though the occupancy was lower.

MIRA also stated that the income of MVR 1.33 billion which the state received in revenues were 28.4 percent higher than the projections made for the month. MIRA reported that higher sales of high-end resorts also made a major contribution to the increased TGST payments than which was forecasted. The state had received MVR 487 million from TGST in March 2021 while receiving only MVR 189.8 million in GST income. 

In addition to this, MIRA also reported an income of MVR 41 million in Individual Income Tax alone. 

MIRA had received the highest non-tax income from tourism land rent with the state receiving MVR 335 million. The state had also received MVR 32 million in airport development fee and MVR 31 million in airport service charges in the same month.