Opposition leaders call onto immediately release Yameen from jail

Opposition protesters outside the Parliament | Photo: Nishan Ali, Mihaaru

Male’, Maldives— The leaders of the Opposition PPM/PNC coalition has called onto the government to immediately release the former President of Maldives, Yameen Abdul Gayyoom who is in jail for a major corruption case.

The statement from the Opposition leaders comes during an event they held to celebrate the opposition victory in the local council elections that was held on April 10.

While the Opposition leaders has previously also called onto release former President Yameen from jail in multiple occasions, the opposition coalition has stated during the event that the people has finally spoken and that it is evident that the citizens are supporting PPM party rather than the ruling MDP.

While the Vice President of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Dr. Mohamed Muizzu won over the Mayoral Candidate for Malé City, the Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC), Ibrahim Shujau was elected as the Mayor for Hulhumale’.

Mayor-elect Muizzuzu spoke during the event and expressed his gratitude towards all the citizens who voted for PPM candidates and congratulated the PPM candidates who competed and won over their respective positions.

Muizzu assured that he will bring the changes that the citizens are asking for and that the hopes of the people will not be shattered this time.

During the event, the MP for Naifaru Constituency, Ahmed Shiyam mentioned that MDP has requested to recount the ballot boxes of the local council elections. Shiyam called on MDP to not recount the ballot boxes and changing the ballots in their favor as the people have clearly spoken through the results of the elections.

For years, MDP has won the capital Male’ city area seats until this year’s local council elections was taken over by the opposition parties. While PPM won over 13 positions in the Male’ area, MDP managed to take over only 5 while the remaining one position was taken by a JPG member.