BREAKING: Opposition protest as MDP Pres. Nasheed visits Election Center

Speaker Nasheed | Photo: Addulive

Malé, Maldives – The opposition parties PPM and PNC are protesting infront of the Election Center, while MDP President and Speaker of Parliament is inside the center.

Protests started earlier today with the Elections Commission’s decision to recount 18 ballot boxes at 13:30, at the re-registry hall at the old Jamaluddin School.

The situation escalated after Nasheed entered the Election Center, with MDP Vice President Ahmed Shifaz, Chairperson Hassan Latheef and Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla. PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla and Malé Mayor elect Mohamed Muizzu also went to the center.

UPDATE: Nasheed has left the grounds after the opposition protestors demanded that he leave. Police also removed opposition from the grounds.

Updates incoming