Masterplan for Hulhumalé, Maldives wins international architecture award!

Render image from Hulhumale' Masterplan. | Photo: Housing Development Corporation

Hulhumale’, Maldives — Masterplan developed for the suburb of Hulhumalé has won the annual Honorable Mention Award in Landscape Architecture/Urban Planning award of The Architecture Master Prize handed out by The Architecture Master Prize (AMP). 

AMP stated that the masterplan for the suburb of Hulhumalé develops a sustainable planning framework for climate adaptation and livability to solve the problem of sea-level rise and overloaded living in the Maldives. Along with the combination of existing ecologic resources; the Public Service Axis and the ecologic axis, AMP stated that the masterplan provides attractive public spaces and livable environments such as parks, schools, civic institutions, waterfront space for the residents.

Regarding the transfer of historical sites such as the ancient mosque in Malé to be transferred to the Heritage Island Park, AMP stated that the plan encourages in creating a vibrant place integrating history, culture, and leisure for the new community.

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) states that Hulhumalé is targeted to be built as a modern population center that is abundant in services, for visitors and residents to enjoy. Along with Hulhumalé masterplan, HDC stated that they are also conducting similar projects elsewhere in the nation under the “Beyond Hulhumalé” project.

The AMP awards program is an international architecture program that has been handing out awards since 1985 to advance the appreciation and exposure of quality architectural design across the world.