MVR 394.4 million issued as income support allowance

Resort workers lost their jobs more than anyone else in the pandemic | Photo: Travel Trade Maldives

Malé, Maldives – The government of Maldives distributed MVR 394.4 million to provide financial support to the people whose jobs have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Statistics released by the Finance Ministry shows that 21,761 people were disbursed a total of MVR 394.4 million as income support allowance. Maximum MVR 5,000 was to be given per person as income support allowance.

Those whose jobs have been terminated or put on no-pay leave or lost their source of income are to receive the full MVR 5,000, while those who have been subjected to pay or income reductions, resulting in them earning lower than MVR 5,000, will receive the difference.

While only those whose income were effected from March onwards were initially eligible for the allowance, the criteria for eligibility for the allowance was later expanded to allow people whose income have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic as far back as December 2019, instead of March 2020, to seek income support.

Information on applicants granted income support, as well as information on rejected applications and the reasons, are available through the JobCenter portal.