Newly elected councilors to be sworn in after Ramadan

Former CEO of Local Government Authority, Afshal Latheef. | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives —The Local Government Authority (LGA) has announced that the newly elected councilors from the Local Council Elections that was held on previous Saturday will be sworn in after the month of Ramadan.

The CEO of LGA, Afshan Latheef spoke to local media outlet ‘Adhadhu’ and stated that they are currently preparing to hold the swearing-in ceremony for the newly elected councilors on May 18th. However, they are yet to confirm the date.

We are currently planning to swear-in the elected councilors after Ramadan and Eid, as it will be easier for the new councilors to work after Ramadan month.

Afshan Latheef, CEO LGA

On the other hand, the Elections Commission is currently working on revealing the temporary results of the Local Council Elections.

An unofficial results released by the local council elections that was held on previous April 10 shows that although MDP has once again gained majority of the chairs throughout the country, this time they have lost the support of a vast amount of people, losing seats from several constituencies to the Opposition parties and independent candidates.

For years, MDP has won seats in the capital Male’ city area until this year’s local council elections was taken over by the opposition parties. While the Vice President of PPM, Dr. Mohamed Muiz won the Male’ city mayoral seat by a large margin against MDP candidate, Anas Abdul Sattar, the Vice President of People’s National Congress (PNC) Shujau won the council seat for Hulhumale’.

In addition to this, the ruling party, MDP has lost majority of the local council seats in the Male’ area to Opposition coalition.