Tourism industry staff can travel without quarantine after second dose

Enhanced Covid-19 safety measures taken for tourists arriving during the pandemic | Photo: Summer Island

Malé, Maldives – Toruism Ministry has announced that resort employees can travel to inhibited islands after 14 days from getting their second dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Ministry had announced that this would be allowed under the terms and conditions of the Health Protection Agency.

Ministry had announced this while HPA had announced that after April 20, 2021, they have decided to provide easements for the restrictions placed on mandatory quarantining after traveling within the Maldives.

The new rules states that if 60% of an islands population has administered two doses of the Covidsheild vaccine, then any individual can travel to that island without following the mandatory quarantine rule and if 60% of an island does not have 60% of its population completely vaccinated, then for the people who complete two doses of Covidsheild vaccine can travel after two weeks without following the mandatory quarantine rule.

HPA has released another set of rules in providing permission for these people to travel without the mandatory quarantine rule. This includes of presenting a negative PCR test before traveling from an island with over 5% of positive cases to an island without as much cases.

Speaking at an interview with CNBC, Dr. Mausoom said that extensive efforts are being made to promote Maldives in 2021, including vaccinating ninety percent of the tourism industry workers. 

Vaccination of the second dose will begin next week for the tourism industry workers according to Minister Mausoom.

According to statistics released by the Tourism Ministry, 32,000 workers have been vaccinated with the first dose as of 13 April 2021. A large percentage of tourism frontliners working on live-aboards, guesthouses and airport representatives at Velana International Airport are now vaccinated. 

The vaccination program began for tourism industry workers on February 4th of 2021 in an effort to create a safe environment for travellers and industry personnel.

Maldives is also preparing to launch the ‘3-V’ campaign this year. The three Vs stand for of Visit, Vaccinate and Vacation in which tourists are expected to vacation for three to four weeks in the Maldives and receive two complete doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.