Fisheries Ministry authorizes expats to work in fishing boats

Male’, Maldives— The Fisheries Ministry of Maldives has decided to allow expatriates to work in the fishing boats of Maldives.

The Ministry has announced that they will be allowing expatriates to work in the fishing boats of Maldives as they have noticed that the boats are struggling to find Maldivians to do certain labour.

Under the new changes brought by the Ministry, the fishing boats of Maldives can now hire two expatriate workers (maximum) with a work permit to work in the boat. Ministry stated that along with fishing boats, the boats that have license to export fish can also hire expatriates.

However, the Ministry detailed that expatriates can only do two types of jobs in the fishing boats; either to cook or to clean the boat.

With the new change brought to the fishing sector, the Fisheries Ministry has requested to make sure that the expatriates working in Maldivian fishing boats have work permits and are working according to the rules provided by the Ministry.