MDP National Council elections to be held on May 29

Speaker of Parliament, Former President Nasheed (R) seen with Miniter of Economic Development Uz. Fayyaz Ismail (L) at an MDP national congress event | Photo: Hussain Waheed

Malé, Maldives – Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has announced to hold the party’s National Council elections of May 29, 2021.

In an announcement released by MDP, the party stated that only members registered to the constituencies would be eligible to vote for administrative committees of the constituencies election and provincial elections.

MDP also added that only those who were registered as members until April 18, 2021 would be eligible to vote and that membership applications from yesterday till May 29, 2021 will be on halt.

While MDP members including MDP leadership members have started to campaign for the internal elections of the party, Speaker of Parliament and President of MDP, Mohamed Nasheed had informed that he has interest to become Prime Minister, which is expected to heat up the MDP internal election campaigns.