New amendment to cut off pensions

Civil servants pictured in front of Velaanaage building | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – An amendment has been presented to the Maldives parliament to cut off all pensions, except for police, MNDF and those retired due to old age.

The bill was presented to the parliament on behalf of the government by MP of Thoddoo constituency Ahmed Shiyan.

While presenting the bill, MP Shiyan said that this action is being taken to ensure responsible spending by the government, and to ensure that money is being spent in the most beneficial manner for the community.

The only pensions issued will be the Old-age basic pension and pensions for police and MNDF. According to the Maldives Pensions Act (8/2009) he Pension Office shall grant Old-Age Pension to everyone who reaches the pension age as stipulated by this Act and regulations formulated hereunder. The age to receive Basic Pension shall be 65 years. Everyone who attains 65 years of age shall be eligible for pension on the first day of the month such a person attains 65 years of age.

Under the new amendment, all other government pension schemes including those for 20 and 40 year service will be cancelled. Any pension schemes allocated based on time served, or under any other circumstances will be cancelled. As for people receiving pensions before the implementation of the Maldives Pensions Act, Finance Ministry is given the discretion to issue pensions.

In an instance where a person retired due to old age is appointed for a position of elected office, their pensions will be cancelled for the duration that they hold office. In addition, if a retiree is appointed for any government position, they will also not receive pensions for the duration of work.