AAA engineers to resign

Training plane owned by the flying school in Addu City | Photo: maldivesindependent

Addu City, Maldives – Engineers at Asian Academy of Aeronautics have given their formal resignation notice to the flying school located in Addu City.

According to local news “Addulive” majority of engineers at AAA have given their resignation due to unpaid wages.

The engineers, mostly from India and Sri Lanka, have been paid 30 percent of their salaries since mid 2020. While they were paid 70 percent of the salary in March and April 2021, the salary was paid late.

Upon no solution to their appeals some have now applied for jobs at other airlines.

In addition, AAA instructors held a strike last month due to unpaid wages.

Not only instructors, but the students studying in AAA have also expressed their concern about to the lack of equipment and materials in the school since the last six months, in the statement released yesterday condemning the government and parliament.

The student union calls out various government authorities and the parliament for their inaction. The Gender Ministry has been informed of the flying school harassing its students 3 months ago with no action being taken. While Education Minister Dr. Ibrahim Hassan has promised that AAA students will be provided the opportunity to continue their education abroad, Transport Minister Aishath Nahula pledged to take action against the school for negligence towards the students, with no action being taken since by either ministry. Similarly, the parliament simply released a report on the problems faced with no follow up action.