Police raid illegal alcohol brewing set up in S. Feydhoo

Maldives Police during a raid operation | Photo: Shuaib Mohamed Iqbal

Addu City, Maldives – Police have raided an illegal alcohol brewing set-up in an abandoned building Addu City, Feydhoo district.

Addu City, Gan Police raided the alcohol brewing location in a police operation after receiving intelligence of such an operation from an unrevealed source. Police have now taken the equipment into custody.

Maldives Police has further conducted two operations in other parts of Maldives related to intoxicants.

Police arrested an individual (23) for suspected drug smuggling using a dinghy in GDh. Vaadhoo on 10 May, and 2 individuals (31,39) in N. Kendhikulhudhoo on 9 May upon receiving intelligence of a drug operation in the island. 31 pieces of suspected drugs were found on both the individuals.