Resigned from 241 Committee due to conflict of interest: MP Azim

Parliament member for Henveiru central constituency and Maldivian Democratic Party's parliamentary group leader, Ali Azim | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —MDP parliament group leader, MP for Medhu Henveiru constituency, Ali Azim has stated that he voluntarily resigned from the National Security Services committee (commonly known as 241 committee) which is researching the list of major MMPRC scandal because of his high integrity, and refusal to stay in a committee with any conflict of interest.

Speaking to local media outlet “Adhadhu”, Azim stated that he resigned from the committee work because he is someone who represents the citizens, and his high integrity would not allow him to stay in a position where there’s conflict. Due to allegations of being named on the MMPRC corruption list investigated by the 241 committee.

My integrity is higher than this. Therefore, I don’t want to give anyone the chance to accuse me. I’ve received information from a committee members and another person that my name is in MMPRC issue.

MP Azim

Azim’s decision to leave the committee comes after Deputy Speaker of the parliament and the MP for Galolhu North constituency, Eva Abdullah resigned from her position in the 241 Committee.

As Speaker Nasheed is not able to attend the parliament meeting, the Deputy Speaker of the parliament Eva Abdullah resigned from her position in the 241 Committee citing that she has to take over the duties of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed while he recovers from the terrorist attack last Thursday.

After MP Eva’s resignation, Deputy Speaker and MP Eva, the MP for Thulhaadhoo constituency, Hisaan Hussain was appointed to the 241 Committee, along with being included in the 241 committee which is researching the list of the major MMPRC scandal and the joint and sub committees of the Parliament Judiciary Committee.

However, during the Committee meeting that was held last night, the Committee Chair and MP of North Hithadhoo, Mohamed Aslam said that Deputy Speaker Eva Abdulla will be taking part in the Committee meeting and will be replacing MP Azim, the Committee Vice-Chair, who resigned from his position.

However, the Chairperson of MDP and the MP for West Henveiru, Hassan Latheef was voted in as the Committee Vice-Chair instead of MP Azim during the Committee meeting.

Despite MP Azim’s name being accused of having present in the major MMPRC scandal list, he says that so far the Asset Recovery Commission nor the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has questioned him regarding the matter.