MMPRC Corruption: Accused state employees to be terminated from their positions

Parliament of the Maldives | Photo: Majlis

Male’, Maldives —The Joint Committee report made in collaboration with the National Security Services committee (commonly known as 241 committee) and Judiciary committee regarding the major MMPRC corruption case has been passed to terminate the employees who are working in state positions if they are accused of being a part of the MMPRC scandal.

The report made by the sub committee for the joint committee to final during tomorrow’s meeting states to terminate the members who can be removed from their positions by the committee for having accused of being involved in a major corruption case.

Along with this, the report also states to request the Recovery Commission to quicken the investigation against any accused individual who is in an electoral position as they can only be removed from their position under a penalty cause or when the individual resigns themselves from the job.

Some of the things presented by the Committee includes of a request to the Asset Recovery Commission to fasten the work as some of the people who are being accused of this scandal are considered to be influential people. Along with this, the Committee also urged the Ani Corruption Commission (ACC) members and professional equipment to investigate th matter.

The Committee also presented to inform the relevant authorities of the state to recover the money from the individuals against which the investigations were done on receiving money from the scandal while the parliament inspects on how the issue is being carried out.

Leaked documents of  Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption case investigation has revealed that Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) leaders have been implicated in the case along with opposition.

While the document have been labelled as fake by parliament, the joint committee recently announced that the list had names of people suspected of benefiting from the largest corruption scandal in the country and that people who used to work and some who are still working in the security forces, judiciary, independent institutions and as parliamentarians were implicated in the scandal. 

It also revealed that people who held or are still holding government positions such as state ministers and ministers have also been implicated from the list sent by Corruption and Asset Recovery Commission to the parliament. 

The list of those implicated in the MMPRC corruption scandal has been sent to parliament while Speaker Nasheed had told in an earlier parliament sitting that he would do anything to ensure that the investigation gets completed even if parliamentarians and ministers are implicated. 

Speaker Nasheed also added that over 270 peoples names had been identified as those who had received the money from MMPRC scandal in one way or the other and that all of them would be tried at court. He also added that those who benefited from over USD 70 million stolen from the state included members of parliament, ministers and other senior officials in various institutions in Maldives. 

The Chairperson of Parliament Judiciary Committee, Imthiyaz Fahmy has assured that the committee will release the MMPRC corruption original list as sent by the Presidential Commission on Asset Recovery with the stamp and that the leaked list currently circulating on social media is a fake, used as a divisive tactic to overshadow the actual work being done by the committee.