Sri Lanka imposes 14 day quarantine on travellers

Sri Lankan Airlines to reopen direct flights to Maldives | Photo: EconomyNext

Malé, Maldives — With the rising number of Covid-19 cases in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan Government has made several changes to the protective measures including activating the mandatory 14 day quarantine rule in the country for all the travellers.

The Sri Lankan government has announced that from May 11, 2021 onwards till May 31, 2021, all tourists who arrive to Sri Lanka (including those who are vaccinated) will have to go through a 14 day mandatory quarantine period at a hotel or quarantine center decided by the government.

The negative results of two PCR tests are required to be released from the quarantine in Sri Lanka. The first is an “On Arrival” PCR test which is done on the day of arrival followed by a an “Exit” PCR test which should be done between the 11th and 14th quarantine day. This rule is only exceptional for kids below the age of two.

Although several changes have been brought to the guidelines placed in Sri Lanka, the government assured that special permits will be issued from the Hospital and the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka for those who need critical medical care in the country.

For medical tourists, with a permit from the respective hospital and Sri Lankan Health Ministry, the opportunity for travel is still available. The government of Maldives advises travellers to Sri Lanka to keep upto date on travel guidelines before travelling to the country.