This Council will will turn citizens hopes into reality: Mayor Muizzu

Former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure and Malé City mayoral candidate, Dr. Mohamed Muiz | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives — The newly sworn Mayor of capital Malé city and the Vice President of Opposition party PPM, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has stated that the new council of Malé will be a council that provides answers for their citizens.

While speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Muizzu noted that while today marks two and a half years of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s presidency, the citizens of Malé has complained that the government had failed to present an acceptable change within the given time period. Mayor Muizzu stated that he wishes to change the hopes of the citizens to a reality and that he will work on doing so during his term.

Noting that the government has to give the most importance and support in the work of Malé city council, Mayor Muizzu called onto the government to provide assistance in operating the city council and in estbalishing the Strategic Action Plan that was passed today.

Mayor Muizzu stated that the support the government provides to the council is not just for him or the other 18 members of the council, but it is the support the government provides for all the citizens of Malé city. Mayor Muizzu said that he believes that the government will provide full support to the council.

“As long as the government provides support, city council will be the closest friend of the government.”

Malé Mayor Muizzu

In addition to this, Mayor Muizzu has also condemned the attacks of Israel towards Palestine on behalf of the citizens of Malé city and has stated that the citizens wish for all Palestinian to gain freedom.

The new city council began it’s official duties and held its first meeting today.

Malé city councilors and mayor were sworn in today in a virtual ceremony. The opposition, Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) won 11 out of 19 seats in the Malé City Council, winning major seats such as Villimalé and Hulhumalé seat. MDP won 6 seats in the Malé council.