Emergency motion submitted to parliament against calls for “permitted” bloodshed

MP of North Galolhu Constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem | photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – MP of North Galolhu Constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem has submitted an emergency motion to the parliament over calls to permit bloodshed and spreading extremism.

The notion was accepted with the vote of 33 Parliamentary members and no member voted against it.

While presenting the notion, Meekail said that lately, it has become normalised for people to attack certain people on social media calling for their death labeling them as infidels.

MP Meekail took an example from MP of Ungoofaaru Constituency when a teacher made a Facebook post saying that he should be killed, following one of his speeches at the parliament. He also noted the comment under the parliamentary live stream on a local media outlet in which someone said that the parliament should be bombed.

This is why, MP Meekail requested for strict measures to be taken against such individuals who are spreading hate crimes targeting certain people. While MP Meekail called to criminalize hate speech, the Attorney General said that work has begun to amend the relevant law in order to ensure that such hate crimes are an lawful offense.