Attorney General recommended AAA students file civil lawsuits: Higher Education Minister

Aircraft used for training at the Asian Academy of Aeronautics (AAA) | Photo: AAA

Malé, Maldives – The Higher Education Minister Dr Ibrahim Hassan said that he has previously asked the AG on the state providing compensation for the students. However, the AG recommended that students file civil lawsuits.

Higher Education Minister said while the Ministry had looked into transferring existing students to flight schools in Malaysia and Barcelona, it was not viable since AAA is not approved by IASA. The Finance Ministry estimated that for the completion of the courses of existing 175 students, minimum MVR 320 million will be required.

The Transport Ministry of Maldives has requested the advise of the Maldives Attorney General (AG) in the Addu Aeronautical Academy (AAA) case.

Speaking to the Parliament Heritage Subcommittee, the Deputy Minster of Transport Ministry Hamadh Abdul Ghanee said that if there is negligence by the AAA then they have to give compensation. He added that the AG has been updated on the situation and is to advise on the course of action.

The flight school (AAA) and the students are under a civil contract. There will be areas where [we don’t have] jurisdiction. However, we have asked for the AG’s advise to understand which actions we can take to hold the school available.

Deputy Minster of Transport Ministry Hamadh Abdul Ghanee

The Deputy Minister informs that they have also requested a financial audit of AAA from MIRA to understand the financial situation of the school.

The government does not think that the existing AAA management are capable of fixing the issues and are looking for avenues for students to complete their studies.

The Transport Minister Aishath Nahula said that the AAA problem is not a national level issue and assured that the Civil Aviation Authority is working on providing solutions.