MMPRC Corruption: Accused companies proved to have done legal dollar transactions released

Photo shows protesters at a gathering against corruption in the Maldives. Maldives was ranked at 130 in the corruption index in 2019. | Photo: Sun.

Male’, Maldives —The companies accused of being involved in the large MMPRC corruption are being released after investigations prove that they were carrying out legal dollar transactions.

The President of Asset Recovery Commission, Ahmed As’adh spoke to local media outlet “Adhadhu” and revealed that they have concluded the investigation done on the accused companies over dollar transactions done with SOF are legal.

As’adh informed that they are releasing and clearing the accusations on the companies that are being proved to have done legal dollar transaction. So far, 12 companies have been released.

Dollar transactions of certain individuals are also ongoing, will be informing as the investigations finishes.

President of Asset Recovery Commission, Ahmed As’adh.

According to As’adh, the investigations that have finished so far are of the accused companies that provided proof that they conducted legal dollar transactions with SOF. As’adh stated that although these companies have been released, SOF is still being investigating over those transactions.

For carrying dollar transactions that belonged to the state, the SOF company is one of the majorly accused company in the MMPRC corruption and is the company of former Vice President, Ahmed Adheeb’s friend. Adheeb was found guilty of being involved in the major MMPRC scandal with MVR 3.3 billion.

The MMPRC corruption list that consisted of the people involved in the scandal was put together by the Asset Recovery Commission after a thorough investigation.

The list was released along with the joint committee report and the unaltered list of 281 individuals who are being investigated by the Asset Recovery Commission, with the commission’s stamp. The report also includes an unaltered list of 119 employees of the state complicit in the MMPRC corruption. However, the list shows that 63 percent of the people on the list have not yet been investigated and they are labelled as information collection.