Parliament approves appointment of Minister Shauna

Minister of Technology Aminath Shauna

Malé, Maldives – The Parliament has approved the appointment of Aminath Shauna as the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology.

The motion was passed with 57 parliamentarians voting for it while 8 members voted against it.

Chairperson of the Government Oversight Committee and MP of West Maafannu Constituency Mohamed Falah said while presenting the committee report on Minister Shauna to the Parliament, that Shauna meets all the requirements for a minister in the Constitution and that she has not done anything that conflicts with the law. The Committee has unanimously approved Minister Shauna.

Minister Shauna was working as the Policy Secretary at the President’s Office from 2018 till her new appointment. She was responsible for the management of the implementation of all government policies including overseeing the Climate Change Advisory Council, and Maldives vision of becoming a carbon neutral country.

With the dissolution of the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology is mandated with undertaking the functions and responsibilities of the dissolved office. The staff were transferred to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology. The President made the decision under powers vested upon him in Article 116 of the Constitution of the Republic of Maldives.