Bill proposes major fines to be imposed for not registering Maldivian children with 7 days of birth

Newborn baby | Photo: Makati Medical Center

Malé, Maldives – The government of Maldives has proposed a bill to impose major fines for delays in registration past 7 days of birth for Maldivian children born in the country.

The bill titled “Bill on birth and death record, and creating birth certificates and National Identity cards” was sponsored by MP Ibrahim Muiz of North Henveyru constituency.

The purpose of the bill is to establish guidelines on the registration of Maldivian children, the issuance of birth certificates and national identity cards, establishing cause of death, issuance of death certificates, and registering deaths in the Maldives.

The bill proposes that every Maldivian child born in the Maldives has to be registered within 7 days, at a state office (island council or city council office) based on the location of birth. If this is not followed by the child’s parents or guardians in the absence of parents, an MVR 10,000 fine will be imposed.

A Maldivian child born out of the country must be registers in the Maldives within 6 months of birth registration at the location of birth. All Maldivian children are to possess a birth certificate within 6 months of birth.

For death registration, all Maldivian deaths are to be reported to health facilities within 2 hours of passing. The cause of death is to be determined before the deceased is buried or transferred out of the country and have to be issued a death certificate from health facilities. A copy must then be submitted to the state offices.