Government pays MVR 15 million as compensation to Mandhu College

Mandhu College campus | Photo: Habaru

Malé, Maldives — Finance Ministry has revealed that the government has paid MVR 15 million to Malé High Private Limited, the company operating Mandhu College as compensation.

A media official of the Finance Ministry had confirmed that the government has paid the required amount to following the Civil Courts order to the government to pay the compensation amount within a months period on April 15,

Malé English School (MES) building was taken from Malé High Private Limited which operates Mandhu College by the government stating that Malé High Pvt Ltd was not operating an international school as per the initial agreement made between the company and the government. 

While both High Court and Supreme Court had ruled that the government had annulled the contract unlawfully and that Malé High Pvt Ltd could file a separate case for compensation for cancellation of the agreement. Malé High Pvt Ltd sued the government for MVR 18 million initially to which government had agreed Ed to pay MVR 15 million during the dispute resolution stage. 

After both parties had agreed on the MVR 15 million compensation, according to Mandhu College, this figure is the amount of expenses incurred by the college in getting a new place to run Mandhu College. 

While the founder and chairman of Mandhu college is also the elder brother of Economic Minister Fayyaz, after this administration took office, several companies have been given compensation for contracts and projects which were annulled during the previous administration. These mainly include companies of people related to higher ups of the current administration.