President Solih’s brother, Ahmed Mohamed Solih passes away at 55 years

Ahmed Mohamed Solih | Photo: Adhadhu

Male, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s brother, Ahmed Mohamed Solih has passed away at 55 years of age today in Dubai while receiving treatment for cancer.

A family member said while giving information to local media Adhadhu that he died of a heart attack while receiving treatment for cancer. They said that his condition was good when he was discharged from the hospital but later deteriorated. Ahmed Mohamed Solih has been receiving treatment for the serious condition since April.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has, 11 siblings, including 8 younger brothers.

Four of President Solih’s brothers are visually impaired. Three of whom have memorized the Holy Quran and achieved the status of being a Hafiz. Ahmed Mohamed Solih was also enrolled in a course to memorize the Holy Quran, however, he had to take a break midway due to a medical condition.

Some members of the President’s family are to depart to Dubai today to take part in the funeral.