HEOC to reduce restrictions for those who administer two Covid-19 doses

Spokesperson of President's Office, Mabrook Azeez | Photo: TOA

Malé, Maldives – Spokesperson of President’s Office, Mabrook Azeez revealed that they are discussing reducing restrictions for the people who have administered two doses of Covid-19 vaccine.

Speaking at Health Emergency Operations Center (HEOC) press conference, Mabrook stated that discussions are held every week to ease the restrictions or to place more restrictions considering the situation. Current discussions include giving easements to those who have administered two doses of Covid-19 and to those who have recovered from Covid-19 as well.

Noting that although the daily confirmed Covid-19 cases rose above 1,500 over the past few weeks, Mabrook informed that the number has been decreased by a great extent over the past few days and if the trend continues to remain low, citizens may receive the good news of more easements during the upcoming week.

Mabrook also said that easing restrictions for those who administer two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine would be a motivation for others to complete their doses and informed that the government has plans to give such easements, hopefully within the next week.

On June 1, Health Minister of Maldives Ahmed Naseem said to Times of India that there are currently 109,737 people in Maldives who are waiting for the 2nd dose of Covishield vaccine, some of whom have surpassed the 12-week mark. While AstraZeneca vaccine has been approved for emergency use the country on June 20, Maldives has not received another shipment of vaccines as of present.

 At the press conference, the Spokesperson of HEOC, Dr Nazla Rafeeg highlighted that two important things will be considered before reducing restrictions for people who completed the doses, that is the number of high-risk people who have administered the vaccine and the Covid-19 situation in the destination the person wishes to travel to.

Restrictions were initially eased with the administration of two Covid-19 doses in the Maldives until a third Covid-19 wave struck Maldives. Previous easements stated that individuals will not be mandated to follow the quarantine rule if two doses are administered.