Police to send body of murdered 13yr abroad for post mortem this week

Police during a drill in the capital city, Malé | Photo: Vnews

Malé, Maldives – Preparations are being made to transport the body of the murdered 13 year old found in the Hulhumalé lagoon to India for postmortem.

The body of the 13 year old boy was found at 02:38 on June 22, 2021, following a 48-hour search. The body was found inside a box that had been thrown in the sea of Hulhumalé Phase 2.

Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and Gender are investigating the case, keeping the details classified.

Police inform that two arrests were made in connection to the murder and kidnapping. At present, the suspects are another minor aged 17 and an adult aged 27. 

The suspects are charged with 4 criminal offences including sexual abuse of the minor. Other charges include murder and rape. The adult suspect is remanded to remand until the end of trial while the juvenile is remanded for 15 days by the Criminal Court of Maldives.