ACC completes all elements against Sports Minister Mahloof, sends case to PGO

Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, Ahmed Mahloof | Photo: Sharuaan

Malé, Maldives — All the elements requested by the Prosecutor General Office (PGO) to prosecute Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof under the MMPRC major corruption scandal has been completed by Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) and sent to PGO for prosecution once again.

ACC has requested PGO twice to prosecute Minister Mahloof, however, the case was sent back twice by PGO requesting the commission to complete and correct all the required elements.

While ACC confirmed today that they have completed the request of PGO, no further details were revealed regarding the case.

When PG Shameem was questioned why ACC was requested to complete all elements again, he responded by saying that in investigating a matter, PGO has a supervisory role where they have to give advice and further research and clear out things. He said that as soon as a request to prosecute someone is sent to the PGO, their biggest focus is to check whether there is enough evidence to prove it at the court as they can anticipate the questions that will be asked in court and that this is the case of Minister Mahloof as well.

While Minister Mahloof is included in the list of those involved in the MMPRC scandal, released by the Joint Committee report made in collaboration with the National Security Services committee (commonly known as 241 committee) and Judiciary committee regarding the major MMPRC corruption case.