Supreme Court releases alleged extremist arrested in Addu City

Supreme Court of the Maldives | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives – The Supreme Court on Wednesday, overturned the High Court decision and released an alleged extremist who was arrested in a police operation carried out in Addu City following the terror attack against the former President and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on May 6.

The alleged extremist released by the Supreme Court is Mafthooh Saeedh, GA. Kolamaafushi. Although he was released by the court, the court stated that the police can appeal the police intelligence reports and other evidences to the court again, requesting to detain him.

The Criminal Court passed the verdict on 30 May, to release 5 of the 9 people arrested in Addu City over alleged terrorism. The court made this decision at a second remand hearing after they were remanded to 15 days of detention during the first hearing. The Criminal Court has not revealed details regarding why the 5 individuals were released.

The Prosecutor General’s office filed an appeal against Criminal Court’s judgement to release 5 suspects arrested from Addu City in a counter-terrorism operation on 1 June 2021 at the High Court. The High Court after hearings overruled the sentence by Criminal Court and remanded the suspects to additional 15 days.

After Mafthooh appealed the High Court verdict at the Supreme Court, the higher court passed the verdict to release him. However, police can request an order to detain him by submitting intelligence reports and other evidence to the court again.

Locals say that those arrested are alleged extremists who spread radical extremist ideologies in Addu City. According to sources, one of the arrestees is a leader of the group operating from the city.

After the May 6 terror attack, the police said that there would be a crackdown on terrorists and terrorism supporters, including those posting such content on social media and supporting terrorism on media comment sections as well