PG expresses concern over police negligence in investigations

Prosecutor General of Maldives Hussain Shameem | Photo: Sun

Male’, Maldives – The Prosecutor General’s Office in the report overviewing their work over the past six months, expressed concerns over police negligence in investigating cases.

The report from the Prosecutor General’s Office has now been sent to the Parliament.

As per PG, the report highlighted 20 incidents that were done against protocol among the cases that were sent by the investigative authorities to the PG Office for prosecution. This includes;

  • 12 procedural mistakes
  • 5 instances with delays in sending the case to the PG Office for prosecution without an eligible reason
  • 3 instances of negligence in investigation

In addition to this, the PG Office stated that they have advised to sent the cases of the mistakes noted by the office from among those sent by the Police, to the Professional Standards Command of the investigative authority. The report also states that adequate action should be taken against the delays in sending the cases for prosecution, after clearing the reasons for the delays.

However, the report noted that the relevant authorities have not taken any action against those at fault and that they have not attempted to correct the mistakes. They added that the Professional Standards Command of the Maldives Police Service has not yet given an appropriate answer for the negligence from their side.

Furthermore, the PG Office noted that although the police system is currently in such a way, they expect for these issues to be resolved with the amendments brought to the police law. The report also advised for the relevant authorities to submit the necessary complaints to the responsible sections to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated in the future,