Police releases local arrested over threats to bomb the Presidential residence

Police operating near Mulee'aage.

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service on Friday, informs that one of the two locals arrested yesterday over threats to bomb the official presidential residence, has now been released.

Police previously informed that they arrested two individuals over threats that they were carrying a bomb in a box near Mulee’aage. Following this, police initiated a special operation and reinforced the security at the presidential residence, Mulee’aage.

According to received information, one of the suspects said that they have a bomb in the box they were carrying when the security guard started checking them. Both the suspects have a past criminal record of using drugs.

Maldives Police Service recently arrested another individual following a tweet calling out to bomb the parliamentary authority and also another person for calling out to bomb the Indian Embassy. Police stated that such threats to attack such important places will not be taken lightly and that the appropriate action will be taken against these individuals.