MDP doesn’t know how to govern: MP Shiyam

Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – MP of Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam on Sunday night, said that the current ruling party MDP does not know how to rule and that they are better off on the streets.

Speaking on a programme of “Channel 13”, MP Shiyam said that MDP is talking about changing the government system from a democracy to a parliamentary system because they do not know how to serve the citizens.

MP Shiyam added that the citizens of Maldives experienced the success of a democratic system during the presidency of Former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom and that he does not want to change the government system.

In my opinion, whatever the system is, only those who know how to do things can do it. Whether it’s a democratic system or a parliamentary system, MDP will go in vain. They do not know how to govern.

MP of Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam

However, MP Shiyam noted that the policy of MDP is a good one, but they do not know how to implement it. He added that the capable, educated people in MDP are now with the opposition PPM/PNC coalition.