Aligarh Muslim University and the Islamic University of Maldives prepares to sign MoU

Aligarh Muslim University | photo:

Malé, Maldives – The Aligarh Muslim University of India and the Islamic University of Maldives have decided to sign an MoU to open additional opportunities for students and faculty of both universities.

The MoU brings several opportunities for both universities such as student exchange programmes, teaching and research staff exchange, short term or extended study programmes for students and teachers as well as a system allowing authorised personnel from both universities to travel to back and forth, in addition to training and internship programmes.

MoU is expected to take effect within the next few months. Additional information and confirmation from the relevant authorities are yet to be announced.

Aligarh Muslim University in India, which was originally established by sir syed ahmad khan as the muhammadan anglo-oriental college in 1875. muhammadan anglo-oriental college became aligarh muslim university in 1920, following the aligarh muslim university act.

The faculty has a capacity of 40,000 students and 1700 teachers and is currently named the 8th best university in India.