Minister Imran expresses concerns regarding release of dangerous offenders

Maldives police making arrest | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Chairperson of May 6 Committee and MP for Vilufushi Constituency, Hassan Afeef stated last night that Home Minister Imran Abdullah has expressed concerns regarding the release of dangerous offenders from jail, under political influences.

In a meeting held with Minister Imran and the May 6 committee which was formed to investigate the terror attack against Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed, concerns regarding the safety of the public were highlighted. Referring to this meeting, Afeef mentioned that Minister Imran raised concerns regarding the release of dangerous offenders fueled by political influence and suggested that the Minister may have referred to the influence by some Parliament Members.

From political people, I think Minister Imran was speaking about Parliament Members.

Chairperson of May 6 Committee, Hassan Afeef

Noting that the Minister expressed this as one of his biggest concerns, Afeef stated that releasing people who are repeatedly arrested over big offenses due to political influences is a very concerning matter for him as well.

Minister of President’s Office and Vice President of ruling MDP party, Mohamed Shifaz also stated that releasing such offenders is not acceptable and the incumbent government will not agree with such influential acts. Shifaz assured that the government will not allow or condone such acts.

Chairperson of MDP, Hassan Latheef encouraged Minister Imran to look into the matter, if he feels like offenders are being released under the influence of anyone. Hassan stated that MDP would want such a matter to be looked into, and if an MDP member is involved, the MDP Disciplinary Committee can look into the matter as well.

This shouldn’t be done at all, I don’t believe that an MDP member would release an offender under their influence.

Chairperson of MDP, Hassan Latheef.

Despite his belief, Hassan requested Minister Imran to share information with them if he observes MDP members participating in such acts. If it is a Parliament Member, Hassan requested to share it with the Parliament and noted that the Parliament will also look into it as a serious matter.