Kulhudhuffushi seeks to add Kunburudhoo to its jurisdiction

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meeting with Kulhudhuffushi City Council | Photo: President's Office

Male’, Maldives – Mayor of Kulhudhuffushi, Mohamed Athif stated on Thursday that the council seeks to transfer the uninhabited island of HDh. Kunburudhoo to the jurisdiction of Kulhudhuffushi.

During President Solih’s most recent visit to Kulhudhuffushi, Mayor Athif stated that the council requested President Solih to add an uninhabited island to the jurisdiction of Kulhudhuffushi.

Kulhudhuffushi City is a city which now faces a shortage of land. We have no more land to issue, especially for industrial work, farming or tourism,

Mayor of Kulhudhuffushi, Mohamed Athif 

Mayor Athif stated for this reason, the council requested President Solih to either transfer HDh. Keylakunu or Kunburudhoo to the jurisdiction of Kulhudhuffushi.  

Although the council has not received an update on the request yet, Mayor Athif mentioned that President Solih did say it would be difficult to transfer Keylakunu to the jurisdiction of Kulhudhuffushi as it Is home to Maldives’ largest jungle, noting that conducting industrial work in an island that is environmentally protected would be very difficult.

As Keylakunu is not available, Mayor Athif stated that the council is now seeking to add Kunburudhoo to its jurisdiction. He added that transferring Kunburudhoo to Kulhudhuffushi’s jurisdiction will solve the island’s land shortage issue, providing major benefits to the northern city, as well as other islands in the region.

Mayor Athif also said that the council also plans to issue land from Kunburudhoo to the entire atoll for farming and to develop half of the island as a picnic island along with utilizing the island for tourism.