Malé Deputy Mayor Nareesh visits Hulhumeedhoo with Addu Mayor & Deputy Mayor

Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar, Deputy Mayor Mohamed Shuaau and Malé Deputy Ahmed Nareesh | Photo: Addulive

Malé, Maldives – Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar is currently in Hulhudhoo along with Deputy Mayor Mohamed Shuaau and Deputy Mayor of Malé City Ahmed Nareesh.

The Mayor and deputy mayors visited Hulhumeedhoo visited Hulhumeedhoo for a show scheduled for last night in a show of inter-city, bipartisan relationship last night.

The music event was organised by young businessman Hassan Mamdhooh. He also donated to some institutions in Hulhumeedhoo. Famous singer Shalabee and other celebrities performed at the show.

While Addu City Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Malé City Deputy Mayor are in Hulhumeedhoo for the show, accusations have arisen alleging some Addu Councillors voting for Malé City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu in the Local Government Authority elections.

Dr. Mohamed Muizzu took lead in the Addu City ballot box for the Local Government Authority (LGA) board as the City Council representative with one vote. However, the LGA board elections were won by Fuvahmulah Mayor Ismail with 24 votes while Dr. Muizzu received 21 votes.