Islamic Ministry to begin a 2 year long campaign against extremism

Members of Islamic Ministry. | Photo: Islamic Ministry

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Democratic Party’s (MDP) May 6 Committee revealed that the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has decided to begin a two year long campaign against extremisms.

Speaking to the MDP National Council regarding the discussions May 6 Committee had with the members of Islamic Ministry, Chairperson of May 6 Committee and MP for Vilufushi, Hassan Afeef stated that they questioned the members of Islamic Ministry whether it was acceptable in the religion for a mentally stable person to call onto murder people.

The members responded that such an act is completely forbidden in the religion and noted that as making people aware of such information is important, hence, the Ministry has decided to commence the campaign against extremisms.

In reality, one cannot call another a non-islamic person or call onto kill them, people should be made aware that such the religion does not allow such things.

Chairperson of May 6 Committee, Hassan Afeef

Additionally, Areef stated that Islamic Ministry along with the Education Ministry held discussion on what they can do to stop the attempt of teaching children wrongful acts.

While the Islamic Ministry has decided to carry out the campaign virtually as a television program, the members of Islamic Ministry stated that the biggest difficulty they are facing is budget.