Influencing judiciary are baseless accusations: Chief of Staff Ali Zahir

Chief of Staff Ali Zahir | Photo: Raajjemv

Malé, Maldives – President’s Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir, today, said that he will resign if audio evidence is proven and asserted that the accusations of influencing the judiciary are baseless.

Chief of Staff further said that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih supports independent institutions as they are in place to ensure that the executive power is held accountable and transparent.

He added that President’s Office follows the system set in place to guarantee the separation of three power and communicates through judicial administration for administrative matters and in matters related to judges, the judicial service commission.

Cowards use my name instead of saying President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s or the government’s.

President’s Office Chief of Staff Ali Zahir

While acknowledging that his name has been associated with such accusations for a long time, he said that he has never talked to any judges about an ongoing investigation to manipulate verdicts. He also said that he had also never taken any bribes in dealing with prisoner’s paroles.

Zahir also stated that he will not be able to remain in his position if the President loses trust in him and will resign if the evidence is proven against him. Zahir also stressed that he had not been questioned by any investigative bodies.

While ha has been accused by former judges of using undue influence on judges to manipulate verdicts Ali Zahir dismissed these accusations as cowardly political attacks and urged the media to not cover completely baseless news that creates misunderstandings within the public.