Bill on amendments to land Act sent to Decentralisation Committee

20 hectares of land destroyed in Hoadehdhoo due to Madaveli-Hoadehdoo causeway. | Photo: Sun

Malé, Maldives – The bill presented to the parliament proposing amendments to the Land Act to allow for Local Council authorities to distribute land to locals, has been accepted to the floor at Monday’s parliamentary session and has now been sent to the Decentralisation Committee for further investigation.

The bill on amendments to the Land Act was sponsored by MP of Mathiveri Constituency Hassan Zareer. The bill was accepted to the floor with the vote of 42 parliamentary members. No member voted against accepting the bill.

The bill will give more power to the Local Council authorities regarding land of that particular island. This includes selling and renting land under their ownership according to a plan made by the councils.

In addition to this, buyers or people who rent these land will receive certain rights and authority over the land as specified by the agreement made by the council to sell or rent the land.