“Dhivehi Masverin” presents petition to 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth

Local fishermen out at sea | Photo: Rosie Magudia

Male’, Maldives – Maldivian fishermen NGO, “Dhivehi Masverin” of Ga. Gemanafushi presents a petition to the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) requesting for help in finding solutions to the problems fishermen face due to climate changes.

The petition highlighted the issues relevant to sustainable fisheries in Maldives and included demands by the youth to address them.

Some of the issues presented include simplified access to funds to take bold and transformational climate action that are needed urgently. “Dhivehi Masverin” Committee noted that such actions include of installing renewable energy powered desalination plants in the fishing vessels and retrofitting the vessels so that they are energy efficient and have minimal carbon footprint.

Along with this, the Committee also demanded International acknowledgement of the climate emergency, and for effective action to be undertaken both on a national, regional and international scale. They noted that the Maldivian fishing industry requires accessibility funding mechanisms to better equip the fishing community with essential skills, technical expertise, in addition to the resources the fishing industry needs “not only to survive, but to thrive” as well.

The NGO also reaffirmed their commitment to continue the best practices, such as pole and line hardline fishing, to prevent excessively fishing and the depletion of the natural marine resources of Maldives. They also mentioned their support toward a zero-waste, plastic-free future and to lead by example through the elimination of single-use plastics.