Pilots agree to fly after Maldivian issues verbal concession

National Airline Maldivian's crew | Photo: Maldivian

Malé, Maldives – The pilots of national airline Maldivian have cancelled their strike scheduled for 16:00 today after the airline management agrees to pay their full salary.

The pilots stated that the strike to stop flying was called off after Mandivian’s management agreed to reinstate their original salary which was cut down significantly after the initial Covid-19 outbreak.

The Maldivian pilots said that while they have agreed to fly following a verbal contract by the management, they are giving the airline until 16:00 today to issue written contracts.

A Maldivian pilot speaking to local news Sun stated that while the pilots had shared their concerns with the airline six months ago, the airline had not resolved their issues after making verbal promises.

The pilots have also met President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih around 12:00 today regarding the salary issues and other concerns.