Attorney General to amend PG policies to prevent release of terror suspects

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath giving an interview at Attorney General's Office | Photo: PSM

Malé, Maldives – The Attorney General (AG) of Maldives Ibrahim Riffath today stated that if required, the AG will amend policies related to the prosecutor general to prevent the release of terror suspects.

The AG stated at the 15th Sitting of 3rd Session of 2021 held today. AG Riffath stated that while terrorism charges are difficult to prove in many countries, the AG office has proposed amendments to the Prevention of Terrorism Act aim to address the challenges faced in convicting such cases.

AG Riffath also said that the current Anti-terrorism laws in the Maldives do not prevent authorities from apprehending suspected terrorists returning from abroad. He added that while it is difficult to pinpoint who is responsible for such returnees from being released into society, the anti-terrorism laws of Maldives clearly dictate the steps to be taken to stop terrorism.

The High Court of Maldives on Thursday released the first Maldivian on the OFAC terrorist list and alleged IS leader of Maldives Mohamed Ameen while dismissing charges of joining a terrorist organization and planning terror acts under the Anti-Terrorism Act.

The PG, today, appealed the High Court decision at the Supreme Court of Maldives.