Motion to remove President Solih from duties withheld from agenda

Member of Parliament for Maduvvari Constituency Adam Shareef

Malé, Maldives – The emergency motion to dismiss President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih from official duties by MP for Maduvvari constituency Adam Shareef has been omitted from the agenda for today’s parliamentary sitting.

The emergency motion submitted by MP Shareef states that President Solih is accused of profiting from the MMPRC corruption by former Tourism Minister on trial for 7 counts of sexual abuse Ali Waheed. The motion dictates that since Waheed has stated that there is CCTV footage proving President Solih’s alleged crime, it should be investigated transparently by the Maldives Police and Anti Corruption Commission (ACC).

Ali Waheed has said that President Solih has stolen over MVR 35 million through the MMPRC corruption.

This motion was not included in today’s agenda.

President Solih is in New York to join the UN General Assembly with a high-level delegation has not replied to the allegations.

The former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed, currently residing in the United Kingdom, was sentenced to prison by the Maldives Supreme Court upon failure to appear in court for a hearing regarding 7 counts of sexual assault.