EU proposes tariff exemption for Maldives fish exports

Sustainable pole and line tuna fishing in the Maldives | Photo: ATUNA

Malé, Maldives – The European Union has proposed an exemption for the 11 percent imposed on Maldivian fish exports to Europe.

Speaking at the Maldives Parliament today, the Fisheries Minister Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan said that the EU has proposed to grant export tariff exemptions for countries with sustainable green development.

Maldives government and EU are in discussions to implement the requirements for the tariff exemption.

Fisheries Minister Hussain also said that Maldives is exploring new markets for the export of fish products including Russia and Turkey.

Collection of duty from the fish exported to European countries first started when Maldives was promoted from a least developed country to a developing country back in 2011. With this change, the prices of fish in Europe also increased. Europe has a list of conditions to be met, before they remove duty-free on exports from developing country.