Government drafts bill aimed at fostering patriotic youth

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih presents award to Youth Award winner in n the area of Environmental Protection Afa Hussain | Photo: President's Office

HDh. Atoll, Maldives – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that the government has drafted a bill aimed at fostering patriotic young people who love and respect the principles of Islam.

He made the statement while officiating the ceremony held at Kulhudhuffushi City to mark the National Youth Day.

Speaking about the bill, President Solih stated that another purpose for proposing the bill is to cultivate and nurture responsible and productive citizens. Highlighting that guiding youth towards achieving their aspirations and facilitating prospective opportunities for youth are also among the reasons why the government proposes the bill, President Solih said that he anticipates the bill to pave the way for meaningful contributions towards the progress of the nation.

President Solih presented the awards to the winners of this year’s Youth Awards.

The 10 individuals who received the Youth Awards are:

1- In the area of Fisheries – Abdulla Yaman
2- In the area of Environmental Protection – Afa Hussain
3- In the area of Sports Progression – Ahmed Abdul Kareem
4- In the area of Volunteering – Aishath Thoifa
5- In the area of Agriculture – Ali Fawaz
6- In the area of Business and Economy – Ahmed Arushad
7- In the area of Youth Empowerment – Hassan Faruhan Mohamed
8- In the area of Dhivehi Language and Culture – Izzath Ahmed Nizar
9- In the area of Empowering People with Special Needs – Mariyam Shahuda
10- In the area of Arts and Craftsmanship – Nazim Hassan

The Youth Award is an award presented to individuals to recognize and encourage youth for their invaluable contributions to the development of youth in various sectors. The award recognizes the important role played by youth in national development and encourages youth to be productive and responsible for the benefit of society.

After the ceremony, the President also attended a music show hosted to mark the National Youth Day.