Five tertiary hospitals across Maldives to operate independently

Aeriel view of Addu Equatorial Hospital | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – The proposed budget today for the year 2022 has allocated independent funds for five tertiary hospitals across the Maldives.

The budget has removed the five tertiary hospitals from the Ministry of Health and granted separate budgets per hospital to be controlled by the management of the hospitals. The budget also has provisions for the machinery and equipment needed for the hospitals.

The budget allocations for the five tertiary hospitals spread across different regions of the Maldives include,

  1. Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital: MVR 236،722،751
  2. Ungoofaaru Regional Hospital: MVR 170،570،756
  3. Gan Regional Hospital: MVR 160،940،967
  4. Abdul Samad Memorial Hospital: MVR 172،200،000
  5. Addu Equatorial Hospital: MVR 264،341،229

Finance Minister Ameer highlighted that advancing regional hospitals to the tertiary level and decentralizing operations is a priority of the incumbent government.

In addition to this, the budget includes MVR 4.6 billion designated for the health sector with the goal to hire further 160 doctors and 200 nurses in 2022.