Bulk carrier “Navios Amaryllis” released after paying USD 10 million fine

Cargo ship Navio Amaryllis grounded on Rasfari reef | Photo: MNDF

Malé, Maldives – The owners of the bulk carrier Navios Amaryllis that ran aground Rasfari reef has been released after paying USD 10 million (MVR 154 million) fine.

This is the largest fine the Maldives has levied on a party for environmental damages under the Environmental Protection And Preservation Act Of Maldives (Act No: 4/93).

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initially demanded MVR 893,952,569.83 in damages for the Rasfari reef destruction, with the boat’s owners filing an appeal at the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology.

The Minister of Envirionment Aminath Shauna upheld the judgement by the EPA. Environment Ministry confirms that the company has deposited USD 10 million at the Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA).

On August 19, cargo ship Navio Amaryllis en route to South Africa from Tuticorin, India, via innocent passage, crashed into the reef of K. Rasfari. The ship, 189.99 meters (623.23 feet) long with a carrying capacity of 58,735 tons, crashed into the reef due to engine failure according to MNDF.

The Rastafari reef is a major tourist attraction in the Maldives known for its natural beauty, is within an environmentally protected region.

Following a comprehensive environmental assessment survey, EPA states that 8867 square metres of the reef were significantly damaged due to the grounding of Navio Amaryllis cargo bulker leading to the destruction of marine life and the structure of the reef.