President ratifies the Civil Procedure Code

Justice Building in the capital city of Male', where the Civil Court is located at | Photo: Hussain Waheed

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has today ratified the Civil Procedure Code (Act No: 32/2021). The Bill was passed by Parliament at the 44th sitting of its third session of this year, on Monday, November 29, 2021.

The Civil Procedure Code encompasses the rules relating to pre-trial procedures, proceedings at trial, general rules of evidence applicable to civil cases, judgments, orders, and enforcement of judgments in civil proceedings.

The purpose of this code is to enhance the efficiency of the civil litigation process and to ensure that the cases are decided in a just and transparent manner. The Civil Procedure Code will apply to all courts overseeing civil matters.

Upon ratification, the Civil Procedure Code has been published in the government gazette and will come into effect six months from today.