Covid-19 booster program delayed with syringe shortage

A Vaccine Queue | Photo: Nishaan Ali

Malé, Maldives – Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC) has stated today that there is a shortage of syringes to administer the 100,620 doses of Pfizer vaccine donated to the Maldives by the US.

While the United States donated 100,620 Pfizer doses via the COVAX facility, there are no syringes to administer the doses.

HEOC reports that this is due to a global syringe shortage and is unable to provide an estimated date of arrival for the syringes. With this, the previously announced nationwide booster program has been delayed.

Maldives is currently administering booster doses for eligible adults over 50, immunocompromised and patients under treatment for long term illnesses. The island nation has vaccinated 22،093 individuals with booster doses.