Two children born in foreign conflict zone to be registered as Maldivian citizens

Mother and child in Syrian war zone | Image: Getty

Malé, Maldives – The Government of Maldives is in the process of conducting DNA tests to confirm the relation of two children born in foreign conflict zones and register them as Maldivian nationals.

The Regulation for the registration of children born to Maldivian citizens in war zones (Regulation no. G-1/2022) was gazetted in January 2022 detailing the protocol to register children born in these circumstances.

The Ministry of Home Affairs released a statement on Friday confirming that a Maldivian family of four was brought back to the Maldives from a refugee camp in a foreign conflict zone.

“A Maldivian family faced with life-threatening and destitute conditions had been brought back to the Maldives. This family includes a mother and her four children under the age of 15,” read the statement.

The Government of the Maldives acknowledges its responsibility to keep all its citizens safe.

Update: The family was remanded into custody by the Criminal Court on Saturday. Reports suggest that the family stayed in a foreign conflict zone for 9 years. The Court stated that the family will receive rehabilitation for 30 days.

Ministry of Home Affairs further stated that strict procedural processes were put into place where anyone at the age of criminal responsibility would go through an investigative process. Victims would receive religious, educational and psychosocial support.

The Ministry said that this was a joint effort between the relevant government stakeholders with tremendous support and guidance from international partners.

This is the first time that a Maldivian family has been returned from a foreign war zone.